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Worrying Situation in Cote d’Ivoire

The press have finally started talking about the worrying situation in Cote d’Ivoire.

The afternoon of my arrival in Abengourou in December 2014, the story was told of a 14 or 15 year old girl who in October was snatched in town near school around 6.00pm, just as the sun sets.  She is believed to have been trafficked to Ghana for organs, not for medical purposes but for ‘voodoo’.

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Fast forward to early January 2015 the Founder was visiting another NGO in Abidjan that works with children and between calls from the police about the case, heard the horrifying story of a girl about the same age who was also snatched and taken to the Foret de Banco in Abidjan a few days earlier.  Whilst there with her kidnappers, she saw a woman bound to a tree and a baby on the ground, both mutilated for organs.  Obviously very distressed, the girl presumed she was about to meet the same end, but the kidnappers called their boss, who for whatever reason, didn’t want her.  She was bundled back into a car and taken to a bridge where she was thrown off but luckily managed to drag herself to a road and to safety.


Child Killer for organs
Soir Info 26 January 2015



Apparently over 20 children have been taken and mutilated over the last 2 months, so the girl in Abengourou isn’t in the statistics.  Whilst in Abengourou we were invited to a meeting of school Principals to see what could be done about the matter.  It was agreed that C.R.E.E.R would work with them to create an awareness campaign.  We hope Orange Foundation (telecoms) will sponsor this campaign to ensure that we get the message across to as many children in the Moyen Comoe region to be vigilant.  Our Outreach Worker has been busy this week in the region to obtain more support.

Our Outreach Worker gaining further support, Niable is a border town not too far from Abengourou

A major cause of this seems to be the upcoming elections (October 2015), people still believe that with voodoo they can be a stronger candidate but we believe that this is happening at a lower level, not at ministerial level!