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Project Akoma

An excellent video by Interpol about Project Akoma carried out around the Ivorian southern western town of San Pedro in June 2015; wonderful to see people we work with who were on the ground carrying out this work.  San Pedro is a two day journey from our centre so we weren’t able to assist in this […]

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Months of active action

We’ve been a little lax, the website hasn’t been updated for a few months but there are numerous reasons for this. Our Outreach Worker & Administrative Assistant have been incredibly busy on the ground, gaining support from the team in France who in turn have been endeavouring to gain further support and awareness of the […]

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A second return, the second month of 2015

Another return to Cote d’Ivoire via Ghana again in mid-February for a month.  Incredibly lucky to be assisted by an old friend with discounted airfares, the funding comes from our pockets.  The same as all the other transportation and other associated costs each time a trip is made; malarial drugs, visas, accommodation etc!  It isn’t a cheap trip each time […]

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