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First Repatriation

Thrilled to be able to say that our first repatriation took place on Wednesday!

Our 6.5 year old girl has returned home to Burkina Faso with her father.  It’s not been an easy case, we initially thought she would stay with us for some time and our local Prosecutor has been very supportive.

Back in July, the Prosecutor contacted her family, but the father said that he would send someone from Abidjan to collect her.  The answer was a firm NO, she would stay at the centre unless her parents could collect her and give assurances that she would not be trafficked again.

A court hearing happened a month ago in October, as she walked into the court she said ‘Papa’ and was delighted to see her father.  No one knew he was in town, but she was a ward of the state and as such had to stay in our care until the Prosecutor was satisfied.  The ‘aunt’ who brought her to town and badly treated her turns out to be a family cousin.  Her father came regularly to the centre and with tears rolling down his face he listened to his daughter & our Outreach Worker explain the abuse and neglect she had been through whilst working for the woman.

Her father has promised the Prosecutor that he will regularly report to the courts at home in Burkina Faso to prove that he still has his daughter.  We are thrilled that she’s already been enrolled in school there and we hope her future is bright!