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Our Sponsors

We are indebted to a few organisations who have done a lot to assist C.R.E.E.R & we hope that this will continue!

mr-brights-sponsorswww.mrbrights.com – Brett Davies, a surfer with years of experience who has set up surf schools in both Ghana & Cote d’Ivoire sent our first shipment of boxes in his container of surfboards in October 2010.  The container arrived into the port of San Pedro in western Cote d’Ivoire, Christmas 2010 whilst C.R.E.E.R’s  founder was in country; but it was too dangerous to get there as the Ivorian crisis had started a few weeks earlier.  Thanks to a Frenchman who stored the boxes & Brett’s surfboards for a few months in San Pedro;  Brett went & got them, driving through Abidjan during the height of the conflict in early 2011.  We are indebted to his kindness for putting his life at risk.

OWA logowww.overlandingwestafrica.com – With Aminah, their beautiful blue truck, Dave & Jimmy took our second load of boxes to Cote d’Ivoire in September 2012.   Not only did they pick up our boxes but they also handed us a donation from their sales, which was more than generous!  Aminah, Dave & Jimmy were meant to sleep here but continued on their way to make a ferry booking.  After several months of mud, bad tracks & fording rivers they got to Cote d’Ivoire.  With 15 helpful passengers, they handed the boxes of clothes, sheets & other essential items to an Ivorian board member near Tiassale, south of Yamoussoukro just before Christmas 2012.  Incredible overland tours, that shouldn’t be missed!


http://f-eurobuild.com/ Frankie Anon-Chans, CEO of F-Eurobuild based in Essen, Germany has agreed to give his time & energy to the project. He and his company are passionate about the project and have given us a lot of assistance with build ideas.  As a French speaker he is looking forward to being in Cote d’Ivoire to project manage & supervise the building of the centre, working with a local team.  He has a wealth of experience across Europe and is keen to work with local artisans to make a real impact for the children.

http://www.magdaolchawska.com – Film maker, advocate for child trafficking who is doing so much to put C.R.E.E.R on the map and assist us!

We’re also indebted to an anonymous couple who have done so much to get C.R.E.E.R going, giving us donations & buying us a ‘globe’ which collects money at an airport!