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To be involved is EASY!

We have a variety of ways people are able to assist us; we are completely transparent & are open to having our accounts audited.

There are a multitude of items that are needed to get the centre going & keep it going!

You could:

  • marche de noel 2012Start a fundraiser locally with friends & neighbours, please mail us with your ideas & we can send you a fundraising pack.  We hold many fundraisers in all weathers!  Our big event in 2012, was the ‘C.R.E.E.R ‘Olympics’ in France (PDF: olympiques web)
  • Give someone a gift for a christening or birthday.  C.R.E.E.R wants to buy land to create a commercial farm to enable sustainability, your gift will go towards that & a certificate will be given in return with photos of how that land is being managed.
  • Donate or buy an item, we have many at the start such as solar panel kits, tools, a vehicle … the list is endless as you can imagine.
  • We have a paypal account & will publish what is spent & where we spend it from donations received

  • We’re also currently on www.gofundme.com/1uw31k asking for donations for the solar kits which will generate our power, thereby saving on power costs.

Please e-mail us with your ideas & comments! c.r.e.e.r.rci@gmail.com



C.R.E.E.R is different …

We’re not wanting volunteers for a week or so, we won’t charge a volunteer fee, we do expect you to work though!

We will need a variety of skilled people, but will require a minimum of 3 months.  A deposit will be taken for your time, which you will be refunded in full on the termination of your agreed time with CREER.

Our reasons are fairly straightforward.  There are umpteen centres who will ask you to assist & probably charge you for doing so; you get attached to the children & vice-versa; then you leave.

On an emotional basis it’s not ideal.  All children need stability, especially those that have been trafficked, hence we ask for a minimum of three months, but we’d love you to stay longer.

If you can commit for several months, speak passable French & have a skill, whether it’s on the land, as a carpenter, home economics tutor, mechanic or welder, teaching English (with an EFL qualification) or nursing skills (amongst many other ideas); we will welcome you

When we’re built, you will have some form of sleeping arrangement & be fed with the children & staff.  We cannot pay you, nor can we calm you when your nerves are fraught in a different culture.  But we will make sure that you will have fun, your French (or English) improves!!!

E-mail us: c.r.e.e.r.rci@gmail.com