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We’ve looked at all sorts of options, we’ve talked & mailed many organisations but we’ve not got a definitive answer.  We will have a small back-up diesel generator that we won’t want to use but in cases of absolute necessity due to fuel costs & obviously thinking about the environment!

  • We want to create a bore hole to provide water, this will need a pump to move it up to be distributed into the bathroom block & kitchen area.
  • The freezer will need power, ALL the time, even if we were on the national supply, it doesn’t work all the time.
  • The children need lights in their dormitories, the central hall area & fans to keep cool.
  • The computers need to be used for education as well as to keep on top of the administrative work such as accounts.
  • No doubt there will be cell phones that need charging.

With all this (& other essentials such as power to the vocational workshops) in mind, we have been trying to work out the best route to take.

Wind – we’ve heard from NGO’s in Liberia that it’s not a great region for wind, despite being told in France that setting up a windmill at 12m it will pick up enough wind.  Apparently the outlay in costs to buy the equipment needed is high in comparison to …

Solar – there’s plenty of sun in Cote d’Ivoire, this might be an option but it will need a lot of panels on the roof to make our dreams a reality.

What would be your suggestion?  Please let us know!



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