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An Interview with Nikki – volunteer fundraiser

18 months ago, I became involved with C.R.E.E.R by pure chance. Someone suggested that perhaps people could come up with ideas for fundraising. So, after a few glasses of wine, I piped up “Why don’t we have our own Olympics?”! Talk about being jumped on! So it came to pass that I got asked to help organise this and come up with the games! Thank goodness for locals here – they were brilliant, and within a few weeks we had volunteers for everything! Posters, BBQ, cake stall, bar, etc., were all sorted and a date was set. We even had medals for all the 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in each game!
Although it was windy and not all that warm, lots of kids turned up (with assorted parents & grandparents in tow), and the games commenced. What surprised me most was the amount of support we received for C.R.E.E.R, both from the participants and the volunteer force! Everyone was aware of what the day was for, why these trafficked children NEED help so desperately and how they could play their part even while they were enjoying themselves!
The games were a hit, C.R.E.E.R coffers benefitted from a not insubstantial amount and the whole exercise was considered a success – so much so, that this year we’re having the World Games! I feel privileged to be a part of this organisation and I will be lending my support in any way I can for as long as I can! This has to be one of the most deserving causes I have ever been involved with and I would say to anyone who has any doubts, don’t hesitate, join in and be part of this truly wonderful cause.
Thanks to Nikki, the Olympics became a massive success in our small village in France; even the Tour de France sponsors ‘Ibis Hotels’ helped out on the day!  Not only did she create the Olympics which is now becoming an annual event but she also helps us fundraise with lost property items!